If you’re looking through mattress reviews to find the best mattress for back pain, you’re certainly not alone. We spend a lot of our lives on our mattresses, so we need them to be supportive and comfortable. It can be hard to shop for mattresses online when you can’t actually test the mattress, but a good review can help. We’ve taken a look at the Saatva and will tell you all about it in this Saatva mattress review.

Saatva Mattress Review

The Specs

This is a hybrid mattress, so it has pocketed coil layers and a cool-sleeping memory foam top, and the idea is to give the best of both worlds while avoiding the negatives that come with all-foam or all-coil mattresses. The classic is available in twin and twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, California king, and even split California king.

There are also lots of foundation options, and you can get your mattress in one of two heights: 14.5″ or 11.5.” Finally, you get to choose three comfort levels: firm, luxury firm, or plush soft. As you can imagine the luxury firm is the most popular choice, as it works for the largest number of sleepers. However, the firm is also great if you like lots of support, and the plush is deeply body-hugging.


The Saatva mattress comes with a 365-night home trial, so there’s no chance you’re going to be stuck with something that doesn’t work for you. Saatva will also arrange for free white-glove delivery and setup and will take away your old mattress and foundation for free. There’s also a lifetime warranty on the mattress.

The Details

Specs are great, but does the Saatva actually deliver? We think it does, and that’s because of the three key elements:

The Springs

The coil springs in this mattress provide good support and are in special pockets. This pocket system accomplishes two things.

First, the pockets keep the coils from spreading widely as weight falls on them, which keeps them supportive while you move and minimizes wear and tear on the coils themselves. Second, the pockets minimize motion transfer, so the bed is great for couples. The coils are also triple-tempered steel for longevity.

The Foam

The foam layer provides that cushiony softness that you really want in a delightful bed while also offering amazing pressure-point relief. It’s infused with cooling gel, so it doesn’t sleep hot like so many foam mattresses, and the foam itself is CertiPUR-US® certified.

That means it’s low in VOCs, won’t stink of off-gassing chemicals for days once you get it, and is free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, ozone depleters, TDCPP, and chemical flame retardants.

The Pillow Top

The pillow top of this mattress is three inches of special quilting designed to give you the most support where you need it most: in that middle third of the bed where the heaviest parts of us lie as we sleep. This layer is all organic cotton, hypoallergenic, and woven to make it breathable and cool. It’s also been treated with an antimicrobial treatment, but this treatment has no toxins or chemicals in it.

It’s a proprietary blend Saatva makes themselves, and it’s all essential oils and minerals. These stop mold and mildew from growing while protecting you from chemicals you don’t want to be exposed to all night. It’s also got an all-natural flame barrier made of plants instead of chemical flame retardants.

The Best Mattress for Back Pain?

We think so, and we found it extremely comfortable. The pillow top is luxurious, but the foam and coils remain supportive. The pockets the coils are in keep them responsive to body movement, so it hugs your curves without giving in to them. It’s also been recommended by chiropractors, and they know a thing or two about aching backs! The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations even gives their seal of approval.

One Last Feature We Like

Saatva crafts every mattress by hand before they send it to you. That’s to ensure quality: you’re never getting something that’s just been dragged off a shelf in a box. They also deliver the bed fresh from the factory, and never packed in a box.

They don’t put their mattresses in boxes because stuffing a mattress in a box can destroy coils, break foam, and shorten the lifespan of the mattress. Mattresses that are made to go in boxes are usually made with lighter, less supportive materials precisely so they won’t break when they get folded and stuffed.

For our money, the Saatva classic is the mattress to beat, especially if you suffer from back pain. For more mattress reviews, and reviews of other great products, keep up with us at Health Review Pros.