Best Mattress for Arthritis


When you have arthritis, you may dread going to bed each night no matter how tired you feel. If painful, inflamed joints have you tossing and turning when you should be sleeping peacefully, a chiropractic mattress could be the solution you need. Whether you’re seeking the best mattress for arthritis pain or the best mattress for back pain, you’ll want to begin your search knowing what features to look for in your next bed.

Best Mattress for Arthritis Pain

Medical conditions such as arthritis can make every night a challenge and leave you feeling like a good night’s sleep is out of reach. Poor quality sleep can severely impact your waking life and cause issues such as increased levels of stress hormones, poor work performance, lack of energy, and a weakened immune system.

There’s no such thing as being too selective when it comes to finding your ideal mattress since choosing the right bed can affect numerous aspects of your life. To ensure you purchase a mattress that allows you to sleep comfortably despite your arthritis, follow these tips:

Look for a Chiropractic Mattress

Chiropractor-approved mattresses are designed to maintain optimal spinal alignment during sleep. By limiting the amount of flexion your spine experiences during sleep, you can avoid the pain that occurs when inflamed joints and vertebrae are forced into uncomfortable positions throughout the night.

Leading U.S. chiropractors recommend the Saatva Classic Mattress to individuals with arthritis and those who prioritize spine health. The Lumber Zone® technology of the Classic has been awarded the seal of approval from the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. When looking for a mattress to help improve health issues, you’ll want to select a bed that is approved by medical professionals.

Select a Hybrid Mattress

Although memory foam mattresses are popular, the ideal mattress for someone with arthritis will provide a bit more structure. While memory foam starts the night feeling luxurious, the foam will flatten beneath you as the night goes on. This compression means your aching joints aren’t getting the support they need.

A hybrid mattress combines the stability of coils with the comfort of memory foam to ensure you don’t wake up feeling stiff. The Saatva Classic uses certified high-density memory foam and steel coils that are stiffer in the center of the mattress for increased strength against compression. In addition, the foam used in the Classic prevents pressure points, allowing for improved circulation.

Search for “Best Mattress for Back Pain”

Many qualities that make a mattress well-suited for individuals suffering from back pain also offer relief to those with arthritis. So whether you are dealing with back pain, arthritis, or both, you’ll benefit from using a mattress that provides support and pressure-point relief.

The Saatva Classic Mattress offers a three-inch Euro pillow top that prevents painful pressure points from developing. Available in multiple firmness levels, the plush pillow top soothes aggravated joints at the end of a long day, allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Additionally, the Classic is built with patented Lumbar Zone® technology, which supports and encourages spinal alignment, regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Choose a Manufacturer With a Long Trial Period

Most chiropractors recommend using a mattress for at least 100 days before deciding if it’s a good fit for your body. Saatva mattresses have a 180-day trial window that allows you to take your time determining if the Classic is the perfect mattress for you. Avoid purchasing from manufacturers that don’t offer generous trial windows; trustworthy companies know they produce a high-quality product and have no qualms about letting you try it out.

Choosing the right mattress can significantly affect the quality of your life, in and out of bed. Following these tips will make finding the secret to sweet dreams much more straightforward. To learn more about choosing the right mattress for you, visit Saatva’s store.

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