Sleep is critical for good mental health and keeping stress levels low. Unfortunately, with work following us home and life having more demands than ever, setting aside time for a good night’s sleep can be tricky. Make the most of your shuteye with products that enhance the quality of your sleep. Here are some of the best sleep products for mental health and some of the best sleep products for stress to help you wake up refreshed.

Feeling Stressed? The 4 Best Sleep Products for Mental Health

1. Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Tossing and turning at night can cause you to wake up feeling tired even when you do rest for a full eight hours. A great way to reduce the likelihood of movement during sleep is to use a memory foam mattress. Memory foam learns your body shape and helps it stay in place throughout the night. However, the hybrid mattress takes this one step further.

The hybrid mattress also has a layer of pocketed coils to help provide support. Heavier people often feel like they sink into memory foam too much, but with pocketed coils and a patented Lumbar Zone, it’ll feel like floating on a cloud. This mattress is one of the best for relieving stress and improving mental health through quality sleep.

2. Silk Eye Masks

Your body reacts to light as part of your circadian rhythm. If you work irregular hours or live in a building with lots of windows or street lamps right outside, it can be difficult to fall asleep when you need to. Likewise, you can find yourself waking up earlier than you would like because of light seeping through the windows and curtains. With a silk eye mask, you get comfortable darkness so you can sleep any time.

Silk fabric produces very little friction on your skin so you don’t notice the mask at all. The lightweight of the fabric means it won’t press down on your eyes if you sleep on your back. We’d also recommend getting one for plane rides. Just be aware that although you can find several brands on Amazon, many are not real silk and will start to wear out quickly or may cause irritation. Be sure to invest in a quality sleep mask.

3. Waterproof Mattress Protector

If you’ve got young children sleeping with you, you’ve no doubt woken up at least once to a wet bed. Few things make your morning more stressful than having to scrub your mattress because a toddler wet the bed.

Get a mattress protector so that you can quickly clean up in the event of an accident. It’s also a great investment if you have a habit of eating and drinking in bed.

4. Crib Mattresses (One of the Best Sleep Products for Stress!)

If you have a newborn at home, you know how hard it can be to get a good night’s sleep. Keep your baby or toddler quiet at night with a comfortable crib mattress. Sealy and Serta make two-stage crib mattresses that you can flip over as your baby gets bigger. However, you may want to look at hypoallergenic options, like natural latex. These provide a healthier environment for your baby and are also fire-resistant!

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