Layla Hybrid Mattress

With a hybrid mattress looks matter, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

With copper infused memory foam, Flippable Firmness™, and an individually wrapped coil system that flawlessly supports your every activity, the Layla® Hybrid Mattress is unlike any mattress you’ve experienced before.


Our Hybrid Mattresses are 2 mattresses in one!

Our signature Flippable Firmness™ means you have two choices in one mattress to find the right fit for you. One side of the mattress has a soft, plush feel, or you can flip it over to the other side for a firmer, even more supportive feel.

Flip it to the side that feels best for you.

Softer and more plush, the soft side of the Layla® Hybrid Mattress is great for those who prefer a little hug from your mattress. The firm side offers less sink and increased support for a more traditional firmer feeling mattress.

Superior edge support

Because the Layla® Hybrid Mattress has one of the most advanced individually wrapped coil systems at its core, it not only provides excellent edge support, it gives the mattress the flexibility to conform to an adjustable base with ease.

Cooler and cleaner with copper.

Copper infused foam transfers heat away from your body faster, resulting in a much cooler sleeping experience. And because copper is naturally anti-microbial, the copper gel in this mattress will form an antimicrobial barrier that resists odor causing bacteria and keeps you sleeping fresh.

So much support. So little motion.

Memory foam infused with copper reacts under body weight with a firming response. This response is called Variable Support and unlike traditional memory foam, it provides increased support at deep compression areas. That, combined with an internal pocketed coil system, makes the Layla® Hybrid a master of motion control.

Amazing comfort for all sleeping positions.

With the Variable Support properties of copper infused memory foam, combined with two unique comfort options in one mattress, the Layla® Hybrid truly addresses the needs of side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and twisted into a pretzel sleepers.

Layla Hybrid Mattress


Flippable firmness

Cleaner with copper

Cooler with copper

Motion transfer control

The coolest removable cover

The Layla® Hybrid Mattress certainly seems like a versatile and innovative option that caters to a variety of sleeping preferences and needs.

The Flippable Firmness™ feature is particularly noteworthy, as it allows users to easily adjust the firmness level of the mattress to their liking, whether they prefer a softer, plush feel or a firmer, more supportive one.

The copper-infused foam is another standout feature, as it can help regulate body temperature and provide antimicrobial benefits, promoting a cleaner and cooler sleeping experience. The Variable Support properties of copper-infused memory foam also seem like a valuable addition, as they can provide targeted support to different parts of the body, reducing pressure points and promoting healthy spinal alignment.

The fact that the Layla® Hybrid Mattress has superior edge support and motion control is also impressive, as it can help users sleep comfortably and undisturbed throughout the night. The mattress’s ability to conform to an adjustable base with ease is also a great feature, as it provides users with additional flexibility and convenience.

Overall, the Layla® Hybrid Mattress appears to be a well-designed and versatile option that can provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience for users with different sleeping positions and preferences.