Zoma Hybrid

Premium hybrid mattress designed to relieve pain, respond to your movements, and stay cool all night.


Designed to perform.

Approved by athletes and backed by years of research, design, and testing. The Zoma Mattress delivers enhanced rest and rejuvenation for individuals with demanding lifestyles.

Airy Cover

Stay cool from head to toe with our
ultra-stretchy, ventilated AirCloth
performance fabric.

Cooling Comfort

Sleep comfortably with our breathable,
perforated, and pressure-relieving gel
memory foam.

Responsive Relief

Bounce back quickly and never feel
stuck again with our highly responsive
Reactiv™ layer.

Durable Support

Experience a more durable mattress
designed to provide proper spine
alignment, slight bounce, and edge

Zoma Hybrid



Cooling gel memory foam that’s soft, contouring, and wicks away warmth

Responsive layer provides a bouncier feel so you won’t get stuck or sink in too deep

Sturdy base layer guarantees your mattress is built-to-last and maintains healthy alignment

A premium hybrid mattress that is designed to provide pain relief, responsive support, and optimal temperature regulation sounds like an excellent option for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Hybrid mattresses typically combine the benefits of memory foam and innerspring technology, offering the best of both worlds in terms of support, pressure relief, and responsiveness. The combination of foam layers and coil systems can provide targeted support to different parts of the body, reducing pressure points and promoting healthy spinal alignment.

A mattress designed specifically to relieve pain can be particularly helpful for people with chronic pain or conditions such as arthritis, as it can provide the necessary support and cushioning to alleviate discomfort.

Responsive support is also a valuable feature, as it can help the mattress adjust to your movements throughout the night, reducing the risk of waking up feeling stiff or sore.

Finally, optimal temperature regulation can make a significant difference in your sleep quality, as it can prevent overheating and excessive sweating, allowing you to sleep more comfortably and soundly.

Overall, a premium hybrid mattress designed to provide pain relief, responsive support, and optimal temperature regulation can be an excellent investment in your sleep health and overall well-being.